Oct 16, 2017

Touches of Autumn at our Cottage

Today, I'm sharing little touches of fall decor at our cottage. I asked my husband to bring up my big plastic storage boxes from the basement last Friday and spent an hour sprinkling a bit of fall color into each room. Normally, I'd empty those boxes and spend a few days decorating our home for fall, but this year I only had time to put out a few things. I was only home from the cabin for less than a week and my time was crammed full. I was running out of time to get any decorating done at all, but I didn't want to head back up to the cabin without changing our summer decor. At one point, when my fall leaf swag wouldn't cooperate and swag properly over the armoire in the living room, I lost patience and tossed it back in the box. No time for unruly swag nonsense! 

Here's how my three and a half days home went: first we had dinner with our daughter and her husband before they left on vacation for Park City, Utah. Then my brother in-law flew into town on business and stayed with us for three days. During that time I squeezed in a hair cut, a doctor's appointment, our annual meeting with our insurance agent to review our coverage, some shopping for the cabin, daily dog walks, paid the bills and caught up on paperwork, and did a ton of laundry. We finished up the week having dinner with our other daughter and her husband who were just returning from their vacation to Hawaii, and the next day we headed back up to the cabin for the weekend. 

Probably sounds like nothing to my readers who work hard at their jobs everyday, but for this retired lady it seemed like a lot! I didn't have much time to enjoy my fall decor until we got home from the cabin again this morning, and as I came into each room I was so glad I had taken a little time to add just a few small touches of fall to welcome us home. 

When I realized I left my camera and tripod at the cabin I wanted to share my sprinkles of fall with you anyway, so I tried out my husband's iPad camera. It was a little hard to hold steady, but I was pleasantly surprised how well it did, especially in our low light. 

As you can see, there's nothing new or fancy going on with our fall decor this year - just little touches here and there. Yet I love how every year I can reach into my boxes and pull out the same things, arrange them in new spots around the cottage and in new ways, and they feel like new to me. 

I just love that!

I'm so glad you stopped by today, and I hope you've found time to sprinkle some warm and cozy touches of fall around your home, too!


  1. I understand completely how busy you have been. I'm retired and stay way too busy too. I'm also happy to read that you have boxes/tubs of autumn decor to decorate with. I do the same thing as you, and enjoy using my goodies in different ways. And, this year I have been on the less is fine wavelength. Partly because I have a 2 yr old granddaughter at my house 5 or more days a week. Love reading about your cabin and life.

  2. I love your Fall touches. As I get older I put fewer things out. I still love decorating, but it is just me and Hubby. Kids and Grandkids are so busy we do not see them much.

  3. I hear you! I never seem to have enough time to do all I want. Time at the farm goes by to quickly but it's nice to have those touches of the season to greet me either there or at the city house. I do find I'm not putting out as much probably because it's two places or my tastes have changed to a less is more.
    Your Fall touches are sweet - just enough!

  4. Hi Laurel, you had a very busy time to me. Love your fall touches. Truck and acorns perfect. I have a thing for acorns.

    Happy to be back


  5. I understand how you are busy, i have been retired for 5 yrs. and busier now than when i worked. I don't have a cabin so i go visit friends and cousins that live 180 mi. away. I love all your decor it's perfect.

  6. Beautiful details!! I really like what you have in coffee table, such pretty flowers! I do not have a day job now but ohh dear how busy I can get it's ridiculous. Enjoy your Autumn days!!

  7. Laurel,

    I'm very much in the same boat ays trying to maintain two homes. Other than Christmas, fall is really fun for me, especially in decorating. But I keep it simple because my house is small, and it's just too much to put away before the huge preparation for Christmas. I focus on my mantel and then have a few things here and there. Most of the bins are collecting dust downstairs!

    I love your vignettes, the dried berries are festive and I like the candles. Perfect!

    Jane x

  8. It is perfect! Love all your Fall touches. Your home always looks so pretty and inviting.

  9. I love your fall decor - especially that adorable red truck.


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