Jul 11, 2018

Payette Lake Waterfront Homes - Part Two

I'm back today with the second part of our boat ride tour of Payette Lake cabins. If you missed it, you'll find a link to part one at the end of this post. As I mentioned in part one, my photos taken on my phone from our bouncing boat on a windy day aren't all perfectly focused, but I think you'll enjoy them. 

The cabins in Part Two of our tour are located between North Beach and The Shore Lodge and are mostly more modest in size and older than those from Part One.

This photo is of a condominium. 

I hope you found some more favorites in today's tour!

If you missed Part One (or just want to see those gorgeous cabins again) click HERE.

It's time to party again!

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  1. Love the first few - I can just see families enjoying their time on the lake in those cabins. Reminds me of the ones I grew up with.

  2. Whau, some of those properties are of such grandeur! It's fun to be by the lake!

  3. Those A-frames were really nice, cozy and perfect for the summer.

  4. Once again, I'll take the small little places. I'm curious if that lake is seasonal or do some people live there full time? It's beautiful.

  5. Beautiful again and the trees against the water are pretty along with the rock.

    Would be a wonderful place


  6. What a beautiful place! I certainly did enjoy seeing all of the gorgeous trees and cabins! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. Well I think they're great pics -- what kind of phone do you have? I love the A frames the best. Looks like a relaxing way to spend a beautiful afternoon. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

  8. Lindas e relaxanotes imagens. Tenha um feliz fim-de-semana. Cumprimentos.


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