Sep 11, 2018

New Paint for our Cabin

Next month, October, 2018, it will be two years since we bought our little cabin in the woods, and our list of completed weekend projects is long:

 Scrubbed and painted the whole inside
New electrical box and wiring
Installed a bathroom fan
New bathroom mirror and cabinet
 Replaced light fixtures and added outlets
 Cut down dead trees and cleaned up our land
 Attic mold removal, new roof and new insulation
 Cleaned, sealed, and insulated the crawl space
Scraped, primed, and painted the exterior
Built a kitchen work cart with shelves
Planted new trees, shrubs, and flowers

and probably more I forgot.


My husband and I had a lifelong dream of owning a mountain cabin one day. When we saw this little 76 year-old run-down and neglected cabin on a weekend trip to McCall two years ago, we decided to take a huge leap of faith and buy it. We were putting our faith in ourselves because we knew we had our work cut out for us to make it our dream come true. 

It has been SO much work, and it has been SO worth it!
Today, I finally get to share our new exterior paint! This cabin painting took us an entire year to complete, and it feels incredibly great to have it all done! 

I'll start with some "before" photos. (Lots and lots of photos!)

And now, the fun part, the "after" photos!


Each and every little detail is filled with love and makes us happy!

Our cabin is snug and warm and ready for fall and winter. We still have lots of projects we want to do, but relaxing and enjoying the fruits of our hard work over the past two years is what we're planning for now.

Thanks for stopping by today and celebrating our new red paint with us! If you'd like to see the inside of our little cabin, you can take a tour here.

I'm going to a party today! Come on along!

Our Home Away From Home
Between Naps on the Porch
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  1. Laurel ~ I love the new color on your cabin! And you have made great strides with the landscaping and outdoor sitting area ~ Good job!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a magical place!! And I love the new color!

  3. Boy Laurel, you have had many jobs to keep you busy. Love the improvements to exterior of your cabin. Happy your dreams are coming true.

    Enjoy your day


  4. It looks so very different you have done an amazing job, now enjoy and be proud.

  5. Oh my goodness! The cabin looks beautiful in red!!!

  6. It looks wonderful, Laurel! Love the beautiful new colors. Fits in so well with the landscape. Definitely take time to enjoy all your hard work and relax some.

  7. Now I can see why you haven't posted in a've been busy. I love it all. The colors are perfect and remind me of my parents cabin when I was a kid. Enjoy your relaxing time.

  8. I love the new colors! The cottage looks so welcoming.

  9. It's all good! Congratulations on a beautiful transformation.


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