Apr 9, 2012

Spring Blossoms in The North End

 I took a few photos of Spring finally blossoming near my house yesterday. From my loft window I can see the corner of this church on the street behind mine. 

And this is Harrison Boulevard, three blocks from my little North End cottage. It's a mile-long avenue of stately historic homes that once belonged to the most prominent first families of Boise. 

 I hope you have some time today to find the beauty of spring where you live.


  1. Thanks for your visit ;) and your kind comment


  2. My tomatos were eaten last summer too. I had 2 potted tomato plants and wondered why I wasn't getting ripe ones.....then I discovered something was eating them. I think a bunny but not sure. I will protect them this year.

    Your weather seems to be about the same as ours. Our trees & plants are blooming at the same rate as yours. I never thought that Central Massachusetts & Boise, Idaho weather was so similar, at least in the spring. But you are lucky you don't have the hurricanes & nor'easters that we get here in New England. I hope you don't have weather like that awful October 29 Blizzard we had this past October 2011 that wiped out all the trees in my back yard.

    Did you know that Money Magazine listed Boise as one of the best places to retire?

  3. Wie wunderschön...ein rosa Traum

    liebe Grüße


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