May 3, 2012

My Urban Garden

The old wisdom when we moved here to Boise 23 years ago was not to plant your garden until the snow had melted off Bogus Basin. But this year the trees are already turning green and, though I can still see snow up on Bogus, we haven't  had a hard frost down here in the North End for weeks. It's very unusual this early, but I think spring is here to stay. 

The first flowers to bloom in my garden were the bright red and yellow tulips.

They fade away just as pink blooms begin to fill the yard. It was a happy coincidence that nature color coordinated my yard like that.

We planted some new Honeysuckle Trumpet Vines next to last year's Clematis. I wonder how far they'll all climb up towards the trellis this year.

 We also planted some new Hostas along the fence on the side yard. 

My Sage bush is the only herb from last year that survived transplanting. The rest I had to plant new.  I have Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, and Chives so far, and this weekend I'll add Basil and Flat Leaf Parsley. 

My little vegetable garden is coming along slowly. My spinach is starting to look like spinach, and the tops of the red radishes are just starting to peak out of the soil beneath the green leaves. Tiny Romaine lettuce leaves are just barely breaking through the dirt, and the green onions are still spindly little reeds and growing slow as molasses. I've also planted some beets, carrots, and red leaf lettuces that haven't come-up yet.  

 My easy decoupage Popsicle stick plant markers have worked out great so far. The mod podge sealer is holding up well to the water, sun, and soil. 

I didn't realize the new gate had shut behind me one day while I was working in the garden on the side of the house, leaving Tucker on the other side.  When I heard some scratching and went to investigate, I found him digging in the dirt next to the gate, something he's never done before. I guess he was trying to dig under it to join me, and he looked so forlorn sitting there, I just couldn't scold him. 

Funny dog. 

Thanks for stopping by my garden today. I'd love to hear what's happening this spring in your garden.  

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  1. Maravillosas imágenes.

  2. Pretty garden. Your spring is a little ahead of ours. We were doing well but have been in a cold spell for nearly 2 weeks now with several frosts. I only have some potted pansies, rosemary plant & basil plant. I have had to bring them into the garage at night. Been raining all week. Dull, gray & drizzly out there! It's supposed to break tomorrow and the sun may finally come out.

    Enjoy your garden!

  3. So far here in southern Ontario the weather has been like a roller coaster. Sunny and warm and then cold and frost. The garden flowers don't know what to think! The scilla was beautiful and lasted for a long time. The tulips are spotty and the lilacs are just starting to bud. It is warm today and no frost predicted for the next few nights so maybe things are finally getting back to normal. I think Luanne must live in the same zone as i do!

  4. Look at your veggie garden!! I love it!! Here it is May 3rd and I haven't gotten any vegetables planted yet. I went this evening to the first Farmer's Market of the season and no one was selling plants. I was soooooo disappointed. So tomorrow I am off to the nursery to buy tomatoes, cukes, squash and whatever else strikes my fancy. I love to plant basil too for lots of pesto summertime eating. :)

  5. Oh I could just squish that puppie he is so cute, poor thing got shut out! Your garden is gorgeous, hope the freezes are over, what crazy weather we have all had this year!!


  6. Oh how I love your garden! Gorgeous photos!

  7. wow - your garden is so clean and so happy! thank you for sharing over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party!!! So looking forward to seeing your garden grow over the next few months ~ delicious! xoox, tracie

  8. I found you via your comment on Nutmeg gardener. Looks like you have some wonderful gardening beds!!! Poor Tucker. He is adorable! Nancy


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