May 31, 2012

New Color for my Front Door

Dean and Shannon at {aka} Design started a new series last week called 

The Curb Appeal Series

A "summer series chock full of tips, tricks & ideas for improving your home’s curb appeal.

I'm all for improving my home's curb appeal, so I pinned The Curb Appeal Series on my Pinterest and decided to pep-up my front door with some new paint over the weekend. 

This is the before color with the screen door on (can you guess when this photo was taken?) 

 And here is the after color.

I had a color-match sample mixed of Martha Stewart's Cosmos Brown so I could try it out before painting the whole door. When I liked it, and since the front door is protected beneath the porch (and because I'm cheap frugal), I ended up just using the indoor satin latex sample to paint two coats on the door. 

Cost: $2.50!

And I still have some paint left over for touch-ups! 

I painted the little mailbox embellishment and the wood house numbers (which were still drying on my counter when I took photos) the same color as the door. 

I like that sometimes it looks red and sometimes brown.

 I planted the front step planters with plants I thought would complement the door. 

The house is light yellowy/beige, the main trim is white, the window trim and steps are medium brown, and the porch floor is a natural brown stain. 

I like the way the front door stands out now from the rest of the house and adds a little pop of color. 

Painting my front door was an easy and inexpensive way to update my home's curb appeal, and I'll be keeping my eye on The Curb Appeal Series for more great ideas. 

Thanks for checking-out the new color for my front door. 

Have a great day! 

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  1. What a beautiful and welcoming entryway!

  2. Laurel, your front door is gorgeous! I love that color! Actually, I just wrote down the name, I think I will be using it in the near future. Your front entrance looks so pretty!

  3. Love, love, love the front door! What a perfect color to compliment the rest of the house. And what a smartie pants to use the sample! Great tip!!!

  4. I agree with the others that the color you chose is very nice for your front door. You truly are wise and frugal to use the sample. It probably will last just fine with the protection from the porch. Thank you for the nice comment on my tablescape. Please visit again.-----Shannon

  5. Oh pretty! I think front doors have such a huge impact on a home's curb appeal. What a great project to start off the summer!

  6. It makes the whole house look better and I cannot believe it only cost you$2.50!!!!

  7. Your House is ADORABLE! Last year I won house numbers on a blog, and that started the "One thing led to another" Yep, I started with the numbers, then the mailbox, then new chair covers...You know, it sure makes a difference


  8. Your home looks so warm and inviting! I love your improvements. Everything matches so well. I love the star and your chairs. So pretty! ~ Jamie

  9. What a difference a little paint made to your front porch!

  10. I love your front door and the accent touches are so perfect. It gives your house wonderful curb appeal.


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