May 2, 2012

Shabby Chick(k) Egg #3

I found this post draft today hanging around my blog as unpublished.  It's from back around Easter. I decoupaged a bunch of plastic eggs with book pages back then, and they sat around for awhile until inspiration struck. I put a burlap flower on one and called it Shabby Chic(k) Egg #1 (get it? chic....chick?... eggs?) Anyway,  I decoupaged a bunny on another and called it Shabby Chic(k) Egg #2, and with the last ones, I decoupaged some bees on them and was going to post them as (you guessed it) Shabby Chic(k) Egg #3. I guess I thought bees were kind of appropriate for spring because that's when they show up around here in Idaho after the cold winter.

Only every time I passed them on my living room table, I'd look down, completely forget that it was me who put these little black things on the eggs, and think eek, spiders! Or flies! Not cute little bumble bees.  

Bees: The Graphics Fairy
I think they need those crowns people put over them to tell us they're bees. Not just any bees, queen bees! So I didn't blog them because I didn't want you all to think I'm a completely insane woman who goes around decoupaging spiders or flies (or whatever they look like to you) on eggs at Easter time.  

Then one night, after one last heart flip flop when I glanced at them and thought I saw spiders, I took them back into the craft room, turned them over, and decoupaged these butterflies on them.
Butterflies: The Graphics Fairy

So much better! (but heaven help the poor unsuspecting person who picks one up, turns it over, sees the bee that doesn't look like a bee, thinks it's a spider, and runs shrieking from the room.)

Anyway, the butterfly eggs were in my Spring Decorations post, but I never got a chance to call them Shabby Chick(k) Egg #3. 

So here you go. They're packed away now in my basement, but what the heck, it's still spring. 

I'm just OCD enough to need to finish my Shabby Chick(k) Egg series even though it's too late. At least I didn't wait until Halloween. (But now that I think about it, the bees would have been fine for Halloween! Never mind... )

So I'm all better now that's taken care of. If you actually read this entire post, you should win some kind of prize, but I'm afraid I don't have one handy. Congratulations will have to do.

Thanks so much for letting me get that off my chest. And please do come again. I promise, I really am normal. 

Kind of. 


  1. I had a really good chuckle while reading your post today!

  2. The eggs are so pretty. Bees and butterflies are my favorite.


  3. ROFL You so cheered me up with your post and I did read it all! I like the butterflies and I bought a bunch of plastic eggs at Michael's at 70% off after Easter so now I know what to do (and not do) with them.

  4. This was too funny! The eggs are super cute either way. Love this idea!! ~ Jamie


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