Jun 3, 2012

Front Porch Pillows

My loft is my dream craft studio and also my dream sewing room. 

I can spread out my sewing machine on one end of the table, my little ironing board on the other, and still have a nice big space in the middle of the table for cutting out fabric, and I can hang my ironed fabric on the railing so it doesn't get wrinkled again while I'm working on a different piece.

I am so lucky, and I love my loft!

My most recent sewing project was to turn some old pillows

and some Jo-Ann fabric (40% off with coupon, of course)

into pillows for my front porch. 

 I made quick and easy envelope-back pillow covers so I can get them off and on easily for laundering. The colors match the neutral look I'm decorating my front porch with this year, and the pattern follows the French theme I'm using. 

 I'm actually color blind in these color shades and often see brown as red and red as orange, so I asked my family to help me out with my color choices this year. We might be seeing completely different colors in these photos, but I hope you like them anyway!

Tucker kept me company while I worked on the pillow covers. 

Sometimes he crawls under the table and naps behind the skirt near the open window, and sometimes he lays on his bed.

When I finished sewing and got up to take all the pillows downstairs, I didn't find him under the table and turned around to find his bed empty, too.

But the love seat was occupied!

Naughty dog! 

This is why I don't have my long dreamed-of white slipcover.  


Anyway, the good news is I'm almost finished with my front porch decorating, and I'm going to go sit out there right now to enjoy the rest of this lovely Sunday morning.

I hope you're enjoying yours, too! 


  1. Your loft is great with all that wonderful space for crafting! Jealous!!!

    The pillows look really nice with the wicker chair. Perfect place to cozy up!

  2. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful place to work. Your cushions are beautiful. Sewing machines don't like me much. I did do a lot of sewing at one time. Clothes for me and my children and even my sister's wedding dress but it was always a fight to get the tension right and the bobbins would run out or something. Now I do all my sewing by hand and enjoy every minute of it. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday on the porch. We just had a great downpour of rain but now the sun is out and everything is sparkling!

  3. Laurel, So enjoyed reading your post! Your refurbished pillows look fantastic! Such lovely fabric you chose. Reading about Tucker made me chuckle. :-) I have four dogs and can totally relate to wanting a white slipcover for our sofa, but knowing it will never happen. You have a lovely blog, looking forward to reading more! :-)

  4. Your pillows are great! I really love the striped one. Your crafting loft looks so amazing. I would love a space of my own like that. Maybe someday... ~ Jamie P.S. What a pretty dog you have!

  5. What a lovely craft studio you have! Thanks for your visit to my blog and comment.

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting me and joined my followers and now I'm visiting you and I'm going to join your followers!I love your loft studio and even the handy stair rail...placed so handily! What a great companion and crtic Tucker is!! Joan

  7. I love your sewing room! How fun to have it in a loft. I smiled when I saw your fabric on the banister as I do the exact same thing. All I need is a sweet companion like Tucker.

  8. i think we might be twins - we obviously love the same stuff and we even have the same dog! our girls name is sadie and she tries to get up on sofa but so far we've been able to keep her off. errrrrr! xo

  9. Tucker looks so comfortable in that picture.

  10. Tucker looks absolutely adorable asleep up there. :) I'd say that's a perfectly fine trade off for the white slipcover.


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