Jun 7, 2012

My Urban Garden

Have you ever seen an elm tree seed? 

 They're light as air and scatter in the spring breeze like snow flakes.  This little one came into my garden from my neighbor's trees way up there across the street.

With a few hundred thousand of its friends.

Just when Tuck and I finally finished cleaning up the last of the elm tree seeds, we looked up to notice the maple tree helicopters laughing at us. 

Just wait, they smirked. 


But cleaning up Elm tree seeds isn't all I've been doing around the yard lately. I reseeded some bare spots in the lawn.

Delighted in the Clematis.

 Brought out some of my garden friends.

and divided some hostas.

In the vegetable garden I harvested some radishes

 and lettuce.

And planted some tomatoes.

I planted some Karl Forrester Grass (the ones with tall waving plumes in the fall and winter) along the back fence.

And delighted in some more Clematis.

I planted my pots

with these flowers:

Tucker helped.

I splurged on this succulent "tile" for the table on the deck.  

And delighted in the first rose.

I wondered if our potato barrel is going to turn into Jack's bean stalk. 

But all in all, I'm happy to report that my little urban garden is having a good spring. 


  1. Todas las imágenes son encantadoras y bellas.

  2. Laurel, your garden looks so pretty! What a beautiful space you have for all your gorgeous flowers. You sure have a green thumb!

  3. Boy, have you been busy! Those elm seeds would really gripe me but in the pix they actually looked like a nice ground cover! We get everyone elses magnolia leaves from houses down our street...grrr!

    That picture of your radishes looks Bon Appetit worthy! Nice shot!

  4. Wow you have been busy! I did plant a few plants and after I clean up my little metal planter I will post some pictures. Those radishes and lettuce look soooo good. The Clematis is beautiful. As to my granddaughter she takes orders mostly. She is a qualified teacher but of course couldn't get a full time job so she works part time in a bead store. Very dangerous.

  5. Laurel, Your garden is beautiful. It's very funny about the elm seeds. I have a flame tree and we have little tree seeds coming up everywhere. Never ending story, but love gardening. Your radishes and lettuce are Beautiful!



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