Aug 23, 2013

Friday Finds

Here we are already on Friday again!

I've been helping my daughter shop for a used sofa for her new house on Craigslist this week because I'm still her mom, and I won't let her go to strange houses alone. (Over-protective, I know.)  She's moving into a little house with two roommates next week, and I'll be an empty nester for the first time. I'm going to miss having her here so much, but I'm so proud of her for making it on her own. 

The North End Loft
 Last week I shared my Summer Potting Bench with you. What is it about potting benches that we love so much? If I could, I'd bring mine inside all year round. I love it that much. I think I had the most fun ever styling it, and if you don't already have one I'd love to encourage you to make your own potting bench. 

 I searched some of my favorite blogs yesterday for potting benches. (Most blogs have a search widget on their sidebar that makes it super quick and easy to find a project.) You don't need to build a potting bench from scratch or reclaimed pallet wood, like my husband did for me. You can repurpose all kinds of furniture. Just stick it out in your garden somewhere, put a pot on it, and call it your potting bench!

But I bet you won't stop there, because once you have a potting bench you'll want to make it cute! I'm sharing lots of inspiration today on Friday Finds to help get you started. Make sure you check out the links beneath each photo to see more details of each fantastic potting bench. 

Art Is Beauty
 Karin's potting bench is made from a free repurposed armoire. 

Maple & Magnolia
 Susan used an old cupboard from her barn.

Beyond The Picket Fence
 Becky used pallets and other recycled wood.

Boxwood Cottage
The shape of Carol's zinc clad bench reminds me of a baby changing table, which I think would work just great for a potting bench that would be nicely portable. 

Common Ground
 Debra placed a book shelf on top of a work table.

Design Dreams By Anne
 Anne built her bench from scratch with all new wood and shares her tutorial. 

Elizabeth & Co.
 Sharon was given an old work bench.

Art and Sand
 Carol's bench is a $3.00 yard sale cart.

Gail's Decorative Touch
 Gail ordered her bench from Amazon and keeps it on her screened porch.

Glass Slipper Restorations
 Cindy and Gary topped stacked pallets with a drain grate and built shade over their bench. 

My Repurposed Life
  Gail's friend, Rose, used an old door.

Northern Cottage
 Northern Cottage topped an office table with a piece of metal and some shelves. 

Simply Suzanne's At Home
No, this isn't a potting bench, but it wouldn't be Friday Finds if I didn't sneak in something good to eat. I shared a galette last Friday, too, but hey, this one is peach, and peaches are my favorite fruit. If you love beautiful food photos, you must see Suzanne's blog. Gorgeous!

Okay, so what do you think? Have you been inspired a little to hit up a yard sale this weekend or rummage through your garage for something great to make your own potting bench? 

I hope so! And if you do, please email me a photo and I'll share it on my blog.

Speaking of email... 

I'm so backed up on email and responding to your sweet comments that I'm beyond embarrassed. Please accept my apologies. With the purchase of a cute and funky little orange sofa for my daughter out of the way yesterday, it's now been moved to the top of my list so hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon!

Thank you for coming today! I hope you have a spectacular weekend and a


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  1. My potting bench, that I bought years ago at a consignment shop, is outside at this house. But at my house in TX, it was in my kitchen and I hung pans and put kitchen stuff on it. Very functional.

  2. My potting bench was make by mi and my Dad is out side all the time I loved so much I enjoy so much with all my tool and flower

  3. I am so ashamed to say my potting bench is a wheelbarrow with an old enamelware top over it! These are so delightful!

  4. ohhh how I meant to go to some yard sales this weekend. But we had a small break in the weather and I took advantage of it to get some chores and projects done.

    Great finds! thanks so much for including Rose's potting bench from MRL


  5. In rushing after my puppy, I missed this post. I am flattered to be included with this group of benches. I have already moved it in the back yard because we had to fence off a portion to make Lulu's space smaller - she hides in the bushes. It wasn't accessible after the fencing. Now it is close and I think it needs a paint job.

    Thanks for reminding me about not comparing.

  6. what a great collection - make me want to go out and weed the garden!!



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