Aug 30, 2013

Friday Finds

What a week!
If you've been following along, you know my youngest daughter moved out on her own earlier this week into a cute little house with two of her friends, and she seems to be snug as a bug there. 


Her father and I miss her sweet face, of course, but what we didn't foresee is how much Tucker would miss her! He keeps watching the door for her and looking questioningly at us.  When I ask him if he wants Annie, he growls deep down in his chest. I put her on speaker phone the other day so he could listen to her voice! Seriously, he throws himself down on the floor and moans for her. 

Luckily, both daughters are coming over Saturday for the start of Boise State's football season. (You might have noticed I started a Football Party Food Pinterest Board. Before you look, just let me warn you that healthy/organic eating doesn't exist in this family during BSU games. Don't judge me!) 

So, anyway, Tucker will be over-the-moon happy to have his favorite Annie here, and hopefully he'll catch on soon that she'll be home regularly for other football games and Sunday dinners. 

Now, on to Friday Finds! 

Shelf Genie
I don't think I've ever included a Friday Find from a business before, but I just couldn't pass up showing you this drawer system in a hutch idea from Shelf Genie. So many of us have vintage sideboards or hutches; wouldn't this be handy dandy?

DIY Showoff
 Roeshell at DIY Showoff shares an easy decoupage project with beautiful results, and I just love how she shows it off in her pretty fall vignette.

Mod Vintage Life
 Visit Nita at Mod Vintage Life to see how she transformed an old lamp and shade into this cutie with some paint, fabric, and creativity.

Mama Hen's Coop
 I never knew there was such a thing as two sided napkins, but over at Mama Hen's Coop Mom is making them into super easy and pretty pillow covers.

Love Grows Wild
 I think these easy DIY photo clipboards by Liz at Love Grows Wild might be just the thing for a long narrow wall space above my family room sofa. The stained wood creates a self frame for these gorgeous and easy changeable photos.

My Soulful Home
 I think an old enamelware tub filled with flowers like Kelly's  over at My Soulful Home would look so pretty on my potting bench. Kelly gives us all kinds of tips along with three unexpected secrets for successful container plantings. 

DIY Showoff
Roeshel isn't the only talented one over at DIY Showoff. Husband Russ has been sharing some fabulous recipes with us all summer. His Tandoori Chicken and Tumeric Rice is one of Roeshel's favorite meals. 

Caramel Potatoes
   Kyra at Caramel Potatoes is sharing her recipe for these amazing Caramel Apple Whoopie Pies. Oh my!  If I have time, I'm making these for the game tomorrow. Perfect, right?

And perfect timing as I finish sharing my last Friday Find this evening because my husband just called me to say he's bringing dinner home tonight. What a guy! 

Is anyone else planning on watching some college football tomorrow? I'd love to hear who you'll be cheering for.


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  1. I can't wait for the game tomorrow night! I became a fan VERY soon after we moved here...

  2. I always find some wonderful new inspiration here! ... And yes, I noticed all those yummy treats on your football pin board. We're big tailgaters, so I'm always looking for new ideas. And I think you burn off all those calories by jumping up and down while cheering! Right? Enjoy the game!

  3. South Carolina (Go 'Cocks!) beat North Carolina last night. It is college football weekend! Love that hutch idea.

  4. Poor Tucker! He'll be happy when I give him lots of love tomorrow! Can't wait to eat some of that yummy food! Love you lots Mom!

  5. Thanks for featuring our Caramel Apple Whoopies! Hope you love them. I've enjoyed looking through your blog - beautiful! Have a great weekend!

    Kyra @ Caramel Potatoes

  6. Laurel, I always look forward to your Friday finds! You also feature such great things. Have a super weekend!!!


  7. I love your Friday Finds and what an honor to be included twice! Woo hoo! Russ and I are both smiling ear to ear about our features. Thank you so much!

  8. I have to admit, I don't watch football that much. But then college football isn't as big up here as it is for you. I love the enamel pot planted up, and you posted about some awesome finds! Poor little dog...I hope he adjusts soon.
    Debbie :)


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