Aug 5, 2014

DIY Gold Table Lamp

Today, I'm sharing how I refinished two shiny silver and glass lamps with an antique gold color that's more suited for our new master bedroom.

These are the project lamps from our old guest room about five years ago. They've been packed away unused in the attic for the past few years.  

When I decided I wanted some sparkle and shine for our new master bedroom decor, I thought of those glass lamps.

I liked the glass, but I thought the silver metal was looking a bit too modern with our new farmhouse decor.

I'd seen this Rub n' Buff wax product used by other bloggers to give old furniture hardware an antique look and thought I'd give it a try on our lamps. I bought a little tube of Antique Gold Rub 'N Buff at my local Michaels Craft Store for under $5.00, and used just a tiny bit of the tube for both lamps. 

(BTW, I'm not being compensated by anyone for this blog post.)

My Rub 'N Buff literature didn't actually mention anywhere that it was recommended for use on metal, so I knew I was winging it by applying it on my lamps. I began by washing and drying the lamps well, then I taped off all the parts I didn't want gold.

I started out trying to rub a small amount of the soft wax onto the metal with my finger, but when I quickly figured out my finger wasn't going to fit in the little crevices, I switched to a small paint brush. I burnished and smoothed the wax as I went in very small sections because once it quickly dried, it was set hard.

It was a bit more difficult to get a smooth and even surface on the larger lamp base. I found that using my finger and working quickly to make the thinnest coat possible that would cover the silver adequately got the best results. After it was dry, I removed the tape and shined it all up with a soft rag.

This is the antique burnished gold color I was hoping for. It suits our farmhouse decor.

I think it looks great with the nail head trim on our new headboard, too, and I love the pretty golden glow at night when the lamp is turned on.
One of the great things about this project for us is that since our master suite remodel has broken the bank around here for a bit, I was really glad to be able to recycle the lamps we already had for less than five dollars!

Now I'm wondering what else around here might look great with a golden glow. 


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  1. They look great, Laurel! I think it worked out really well that you were able to reuse lamps you already had. I have used the rub n buff on my dresser drawer hardware. They turned out really well and have held up wonderfully for 2 1/2 yeas now.

  2. That stuff is magic! I love the new warm glow. It has such a nice aged look!

  3. so pretty! I've been meaning to pick some of that stuff up forever... maybe I'll finally get around to it now that I see your fabulous lamp!

  4. Silver or gold, both look great because that is such a fun lamp!

  5. Love the new look! And I also love Rub n' Buff. It is an amazing product and that little tube will last forever. You did a beautiful job on the lamp!

  6. Love the re love of the lamps. So pretty Laurel. They look so pretty in the bedroom.

  7. Great makeover! The gold really does make a big difference!


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