Aug 28, 2014

Our New Rugs and Rug Pad USA

Sometimes things happen at just the right time.
For us, it was being contacted by the rug pad company, Rug Pad USA, right after we purchased two new rugs for our living room this summer.

We needed new rug pads! So yay!

The first thing I liked about this company is that they have a fabulous website, and I love doing business on easy to navigate websites. A store's website design is something you rarely notice if it's good, but always if it's bad, right? This one is good enough to mention. In fact, it's one of the best I've seen, and it sold me pretty quickly on agreeing to review their rug pads.

Rug Pad USA exclusively offers rug pads made in the USA by American workers. And if going greener is a concern for you, choices range from having less petrochemicals used in the manufacture of the pad you choose, to full LEED Certification and more. There are rug pads offered for almost every situation, even soundproof rug pads. And they're all guaranteed.

Little did I know when I agreed to try them out, that these rug pads would end up being the solution to some very unique and aggravating problems we were having with our rugs. 

Our biggest problem was with this new rug in our entryway. We love the way this 5x7 indoor/outdoor rug from Ballard Designs looks here. We like the color and unique pattern, and we love that when it gets tracked with muddy footprints, we can just take it outside on the lawn and rinse it off with a hose. 

"Who, me?"
 The problem isn't really even with the rug at all. It's with this fella right here. Tucker. When someone comes knocking at our front door, Tucker (all 80 glorious pounds of him) races from the back of the house to answer it, and when he puts the brakes on at this rug, he surfs it all the way up the wall! 

Before we can answer the door, we have to back Tucker off the rug, which is not so easy when he's super excited to see who's come to visit. Finally, before we can get the door open, we have to slide the rug back off the wall and onto the floor. 

It's like the Three Stooges live here, or something!

Until I received Rug Pad USA's kind offer to review their products, it didn't even occur to me that a rug pad would solve this problem, because the rug pads we already have won't even keep a small hall rug from slipping around (let alone the surfing of The Three Stooges dog.)

After just a few minutes reading the glowing customer reviews for their non-slip rug pads, I was seeing the light, and more than ready to give one a try.

Good timing, right?

After studying all the descriptions carefully, I chose this Eco-Solid Non-Slip Rug Pad for our entryway rug. Our rug is thin and lightweight, but it's stiff, and this pad sounded like it wouldn't be so bulky that the rug wouldn't lay flat over it. I gave the exact rug dimensions (no extra charge for custom sizes) and requested the free option of having the pad trimmed one inch around the perimeter.

The rug pads arrived rolled up and wrapped in thick plastic within a week. They were easy to unroll and lay flat on the floor. Having the pads trimmed one inch smaller allowed the edges of the rug to rest lightly on the floor, so we can't see the edges of the pad beneath it from the other rooms. In fact, except for being softer and cushier to walk on now, you can't tell by looking that there's a pad under the rug at all.

We also had a problem with the chevron pattern rug from Joss and Main that's in the other side of our living room. It's a heavier indoor/outdoor rug that we also love, but when we would push our heavy ottoman away from our leather chair to stand up, the entire rug would move with it.

For this rug I chose the Superior-Lock Non-Slip Rug Pad, which is non-slip on two sides to hold the rug to the pad, as well as to hold the pad to the floor.

I also requested the one-inch trim for this pad, and as you can see, it allows the rug to lay perfectly flat on the floor. I was pleasantly surprised how plush this thin rug pad makes our low pile indoor/outdoor rug feel when walking on it. Best of all, our heavy ottoman can't even budge this rug anymore.
"Oh, darn!"

So, our new rug pads look and feel great, but did they pass the Tucker test? 

In fact, not only has this rug not been surfed up the wall since we put the rug pad under it; it hasn't budged an inch in any direction, even with all the traffic going through our entryway every day. It is so nice to not be constantly straightening this rug anymore. 

Tucker might be missing his surfing days, but I can honestly say a big thank you to Rug Pad USA for allowing me to review the best non-slip rug pads we've ever had.

Good timing!

{Rug Pad USA graciously supplied me with the rug pads reviewed in this post, but the opinions expressed here are my own.}



  1. Hi Laurel,

    I just love Ballard Designs and I have lusted over that rug ... LOL! It looks fantastic in your entryway. Poor Tucker - no more sliding and having fun :-)

  2. I got mine 2 weeks ago and have yet to use it!!! I'm so excited even more now! have a great weekend Laurel!

  3. Poor Tucker...

    Those pads sound like they are worth their weight in gold!

    Poor Broncos... Hopefully they will bounce back!

  4. I will definitely check this site out. I have a rug on my carpet. But it keeps bunching up. I need a pad to put under the rug but on top of the carpet. Thanks for the top. Love Tucker.
    Barbara Ann

  5. Gorgeous rugs and good thing Tucker doesn't have to slip and slide.


  6. I was contacted by that company to try their rug pads too, but didn't take them up on it since I don't have many area rugs that use them. I'm glad that you were pleased with yours though. Looks like they're a good product!


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