Dec 15, 2014

Christmas In Our Living Room

This holiday season has been a magical one for my husband and me so far, beginning with a Thanksgiving feast in our home with our beautiful grown-up children. We all had so much for which to be thankful this year, and a deep gratitude for my family and our rich lives together has been making my Christmas preparations extra special for me. 

So, I'm also extra happy to be sharing our holiday-decorated home with you on my blog this year, beginning today with our living room. I've been busily working non-stop since Thanksgiving making decorations and preparing our home for a warm and cozy Christmas. Every little task has brought me great joy, and every little detail is brimming with love for my home and family. 

I hope you enjoy it!

We always have our fresh cut Christmas tree here in the corner of the entry where we can see it from the whole house.

This is the first tree I've ever decorated with a theme. I separated out anything that seemed woodsy from our own ornaments, then I made a bunch more and bought a few. (Read about the ones I made here and here.)

My husband loves the natural look with so much of the tree showing. He says, "Now, that's a Christmas tree!" I think he means a manly tree. :)

We don't have a fireplace, so I try to think up creative ways to leave the stockings where Santa will find them. 

It's always fun to decorate the hutch. The antlers on top are from my husband's childhood, hunting in Montana with his father.

My daughter brought these deer home from the thrift store for me. I painted them with gold metallic paint and glittered the horns with German glass glitter.

These framed photos are of my mother and father at Sugar Bowl in the 1940's.  They were both pioneers of skiing in the Sierra Mountains. 

As always, we have faux candles sprinkled all over the house. They go on at five and off at ten. I love them!

I have tried and tried to grow real bulbs at Christmas, and they always flop to one side, so this year I bought some that will never fall over! 

I bought this brass deer at a yard sale just down the street last summer. I just love it when that happens. And look! My faux on-at-five/off-at-ten candle fits it perfectly! Gosh, life is good!

I've had the other big brass candlestick for as long as I can remember, and it always comes out for the holidays.

Doesn't Tucker look cozy over there by the window? I think he makes the best holiday decoration.

My cow asked me for his very own rockin' winter scarf after Laura's cow showed him his snazzy red one.

I always end up putting my favorite new ornaments somewhere other than the tree the first year, so I can enjoy them close-up. These are next to my reading chair.

It's not by chance that my reading chair has the best view in the house of the Christmas tree.

The chalkboard meandered over to this side of the living room to make room for the Christmas tree. Do you move stuff around for your tree, too?

I tucked my father's snowshoes and some greenery in my olive bucket behind my chair in the corner. My father used to snowshoe into Squaw Valley with his skis on his back before there were roads there, a real pioneer whose passion was skiing.

Two new woodland deer joined my favorite vintage Santa in my big tray under the clock this year. 

I found Santa for 75% off at the craft store after Christmas years ago. I wrap him up oh, so carefully, every year after the holidays, and he never looks a day older.

I just love that beard! There could be a bird or two snuggled inside that beard, and we'd never know.

I saved my favorite new decoration to show you last. My husband gave me this cool pillow that I've wanted for ever so long for my birthday last month. I just tore the page with the picture of it right out of my catalog, gave it to my husband, pointed him in the direction of the mall, and the saleswomen did the rest. (I think I'm onto something there!) 

Tucker says I've spent enough time sharing Christmas in our living room for today. The sun is setting, and it's time for his dinner. 

It's time to turn on the tree lights, close the curtains against the cold, and wish you a good evening.

Thank you all for joining me today. I had so much fun showing you around. I'll be sharing the rest of our home decorated for the holidays later this week, so I hope you come back!

{Visit our Christmas dining roomfamily room and kitchen, too!}

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  1. Your tree is gorgeous, Laurel! That is one of the best looking real trees I've seen. Usually they don't look so perfect but yours does. Love your ornaments and how you are letting some of the naturalness of the tree show. Manly or not, I think it looks good. : ) Love the scarf you put around your cow head - very whimsical and I always like a touch of whimsy. Love your Jingle pillow, too. Did you DIY that one? I've got a tutorial pinned for one but I know it is available at PB(?), although I have enough pillows here so I won't be buying/making one any time soon.

  2. Your home looks gorgeous Laurel! We always get a fresh tree as well and the shape of yours is perfect! How nice that your husband bought you the Pottery Barn pillow...I've been eyeing that one up too! Enjoy your beautiful home!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  3. This should be in a magazine. Truly. I love every single photo and your living space is ultra cozy!

  4. Fresh trees are the best, I have mine outside and one hear I decorated it for the our birds in the are. It was fun. Love your home, lots of work but oh so beautiful.

  5. Everything is beautiful, but the photos of your parents are the best!

  6. Comforting,
    inviting ~

    and those pix of your folk are pricelss!!!

  7. Everything is just gorgeous, and magical:-) Lovely!!

  8. Simply enchanting Laurel!!!! I LOVE YOUR TREE, I've never had real tree would you believe and I always envy people like you who pull it off! I love the warmth your home exudes and truly, your happiness shows at this time of year in your home! I love the photos of your parents and also think the bull with the scarf is genius!!!! I am sure your Christmas will be extra special!

  9. Your tree is lovely and so full. Has me re-thinking my slim ones. There's something about a leather chair that just is so perfect with Christmas decorations. Thanks for the tour and decorating ideas.

  10. Gorgeous tree...the whole room looks so pretty and festive! I love the corner near your leather chair with the ski's and olive bucket!

  11. Laurel,
    I really enjoyed the tour today! I always enjoy visiting your home which is so cozy and inviting. You have such a wonderful way you decorate for the holidays. Love those photos of the folks! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. Laurel, your home is decorated beautifully. Your decorations just fit your home and your style. So welcoming. I absolutely love the way you decorated your hutch. It's perfect. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  13. H Laurel, Love your tree and the sweet critters throughout. Your living room is so cozy and inviting. Tucker looks like he is enjoying the comfort of the room too. Gorgeous hutch decor.
    Merry Christmas!

  14. What a gorgeous display of Christmas! The room looks beautiful and your tree is just stunning!

  15. Laurel,
    Seeing your home made me want to start singing Christmas songs-gloriously decorated in each and every corner.
    Beautiful tree and I am really enjoying your vignette with the cloche and car with the tree on it's roof.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  16. What a gorgeous tour. Your home is beautiful and ready for a lovely and beautiful Christmas


  17. I love your style! Beautiful room. I came across your blog and when I saw your home is in the North End of Boise I had to comment! I don't live there anymore, sadly, but I use to some years ago.
    Use to attend a church in the north end; New Life Fellowship at 26th and Heron! Your blog brought back fond memories.
    I hope to return one day, Lord willing.

  18. Your living room is so beautiful all gussied up for Christmas! I love all the vintage looking things. The old car ornament, the skis (also the pics of your parents). Your tree is beautiful! I love the red scarf on the cow head. So many pretty touches everywhere. I need to go out and get some fresh greenery and wrap lights around them. So much inspiration here! Have a great week. ~ Jamie

  19. Your tree is beautiful, it makes me want a real tree for next year...I love the car/tree ornament and the same for the pillow! I so like your yardsale find too!

  20. Love the vintage and rustic look of your tree, so beautiful with all the red decor. The pics of your parents when they were young are so sweet too. What a pretty winter retreat you've created for Christmas!

  21. Your home looks perfect for the holiday season and I love your tree.

  22. Laurel
    I love everything you shared! Your tree is beautiful! I spotted the photographs right off.... so sweet to include them. Good thing you've figured out how to get the birthday present of your dreams... will you be doing the same for Christmas? ;)

    Your home looks so cozy and inviting.

    Wishing your family the Merriest of Christmas!


  23. What an absolutely beautiful tree Laurel, perfect with your woodland theme. And I love those photographs - how very special. The whole room is just so warm and cozy. I just want to curl up in your leather chair! ... And what a clever girl to get just the perfect birthday gift. I bet your husband appreciated the help!

  24. It is all absolutely beautiful and your house must smell like Christmas heaven. I so miss the fresh trees....:)

  25. Gorgeous, Laurel. I love everything. You'll be one of the featured homes at tomorrow's Every Room In The House - The Finale party. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous home beautifully dressed for Christmas. Happy New Year! Nancy


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