Dec 11, 2014

Pottery Barn Knock-Off DIY Glittery Putz Houses

Yesterday, I deviated a bit from my woodland Christmas decorating theme to make 
some glittery Putz Houses. 

I wondered where the term putz came from, so I did a bit of research. Now don't quote me, but I think the word putz when applied to these pretty shiny houses may come from the German word putzen, which means to brighten and/or from the Yiddish word puts, which means ornament. 
However they came by their name, I've always loved the magical quality of these little paper maché or cardboard houses decorated with glitter. They invite my imagination to visit a snowy sparkly miniature world of enchantment. Happily, I found out Putz Houses (just like this pretty one offered at Pottery Barn) are really easy and fun to make. 


You can make your own Putz Houses from cardboard and patterns found on the internet or even design your own patterns. You can also purchase houses like the ones above at craft stores.

  This year, I found these cute little wood houses for a few dollars at the thrift store. They're pretty cute as they are, but I wanted them to really sparkle for Christmas decorations. 

I mixed up some homemade chalk paint in a jar (a heaping tablespoon plaster of paris mixed well in a little water, then added to about half a cup of latex paint) and gave the houses a couple of coats of white to make an easy base for the glitter to cover. Regular old craft paint would work fine 
for this, too.

 They're already beginning to look more wintery with white paint, but look how the glitter transforms this little house to magical.

When the base paint was dry, I used large and small paint brushes to apply undiluted white glue (poured into a small jar) to the roof and trim. I sprinkled on lots of silver chunky German glass glitter, catching the extra glitter on a paper plate to reuse. I let those areas dry overnight, and the next day I painted more glue onto the sides and sprinkled them with fine white glitter. It was super easy!

I glittered all my little houses and put them in my dining room corner cabinet. Lit up with candles at night, they're transformed into a magical twinkly winter wonderland. I'll share them on my blog soon when I have the rest of the dining room ready, so I hope you'll come back to see. But today, I wanted to share how easy and fun it is to make a Putz House of your very own.

{Note: I just posted my Christmas dining room, so click here to see the rest of my Putz Houses.}

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

It's time for a party!


  1. Thanks for the clarification on putz. I always thought it meant "jerk" so I wondered why they were called putz houses. I love yours.

  2. Those are just the cutest things. I like the way you dressed up the thrift finds.

  3. What a great find on those cute houses! I keep saying I'm going to make some of these, but haven't yet. I hate to make the ones from the craft stores because they will look like everyone elses. But you found these and they're adorable!

  4. LOVE those little houses, what a score!

    You transformed them beautifully - great knock off, like yours better, actually!

    Well done.

  5. Your little houses are just darling! I just love the look so much, and they can be expensive. So pretty. Well done!

  6. Laurel I am in love! I started collecting these little houses a few years back. I need to make a few of my own now. Thank you for sharing at THT!

  7. You've done great!! They are ab fab after your 'renovations'!

  8. great job! i always think about doing this but then think it's too much work. you made it seem pretty simple. tfs! enjoy the season- mj

  9. Your getting to be quite the Christmas crafter Laurel! I'm in love with this one and you truly put the PUTZ on this little houses! Can't wait to see the other houses and thanks for the info on the putz, it makes sense to me now!

  10. Your little houses are more adorable than any I've seen for sale. Great job!

  11. They are so pretty! I have always wanted to have little houses like these. You did a beautiful job with them! Thank you for your visit yesterday and for your wonderful comment on my mantle. I have to tell I think that is the nicest comment anyone has ever left me since I started the blog. Thank you, dear friend! Hugs, Maria

  12. Your houses you decorated are so pretty with the paint and glitter! Enjoy the holidays.
    Julie @ Julie's Lifestyle

  13. Beautiful, Laurel! I had thought about doing a couple of these myself this year. Haven't gotten to them yet, but there is still time. I had thought they would look cute decorating my mantel. I love the glitter! It really adds that perfect look to them.

  14. What a glorious transformation the glitter makes on your putz houses! They look beautiful but I think I like the way the white one turned out the best!

  15. Your little houses are just charming Laurel!

  16. So magical! I love how you were able to keep the depth on the roof. xoxo

  17. Just love these! I love how you simplified them and how the glitter is the main feature. They turned out so pretty. Pinning!

  18. Love these ! I will be looking for some of these to glitter up for next year !

  19. How gorgeous Laurel !!!
    I want to live in one of them lol
    Pinning !

  20. There adorable Laurel! Thank you for joining HSH! Have a very Merry Christmas!


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