Dec 1, 2014

DIY Rustic Deer Ornament

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a great time with family, and after a lazy weekend I'm fully recovered from stuffing myself the turkey and packing away our fall decor to make way for Christmas. 

My husband brought our Christmas tree inside yesterday, and the scent of fresh pine along with a light dusting of new snow outside is really putting me in the holiday mood. My husband is of the opinion that bigger is better when it comes to Christmas trees, but I didn't realize how large the one he picked out is until he got it all set up. It's enormous! After taking one look at the tree almost touching the ceiling in our living room, I knew we were going to need more lights and ornaments. 

This year I'm planning a woodland theme for my Christmas decor. I've never really had a theme before; I used to just put everything we had out all at once. I've been inspired by fellow bloggers to give it a try, so I've been collecting a few new rustic decorations, and now I'm making some easy inexpensive last minute ornaments to fill out our big tree. I found some of these unfinished wood deer cutouts at our local Michaels Craft Store, and I think I paid 29¢ each on half off sale.  

I thought it would be rustic-y to play up the wood, so I stained both sides with some dark walnut wood stain and dotted the little rumps with gold metallic paint. I used my Dremel tool to drill tiny holes for stringing floss for hanging. I love how these little rustic woodland deer ornaments turned out. So much cuteness for only 29¢! They would also look cute painted bright red or gold for a traditional tree, or how about turquoise with hot pink dipped legs for a really fun and modern tree? So many possibilities! 

Well, that's enough chit chat for today. I have to get busy making ornaments!


  1. That is so cute! Love this idea. Thanks for the inspiration. :) Julie

  2. So sweet....... Thanks so much for encouragement to try something new !!!

  3. I've never done woodland theme and would love to someday, this is a great craft for that!

  4. Bigger is better does not work at our house. We are hunting for tall and skinny and not finding it.

    I can't wait to see your rustic tree.

  5. It is sooo pretty! Love this idea. Have a great weekend! Maria

  6. Oh how cute is that little deer! Can't wait to see your tree!


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