Mar 23, 2015

A Moment of Spring in the Dining Room

The sun broke through the clouds for just a moment today during a heavy rain storm here. I was sitting in the dining room drinking my tea and listening to the rain when the glimmer of sunlight on the wall next to me inspired me to grab my phone and take a picture. 

These flowers are the only bit of spring I've managed to add to our home during the disorganization of installing new floors. It's wonderful how a bit of sunshine and some pretty flowers can lift one's spirits!

Rain or shine, I hope you have a lovely spring day!

A spring party sounds fun!


  1. They certainly make me smile!

  2. How weird! We only got a small spattering of rain here (State @ 55) ~ ya gotta love micro-climates!! And our afternoon was mostly sunny! Amazing what a few miles difference makes!

  3. It's enough for now I'm sure Laurel, you've got your pretty floors to smile about more! ;-)

  4. Love these and the jug you used.


  5. Pretty flowers!

    Happy Spring Laurel!

  6. I can see why they would lift your spirits. Pretty photo :)

  7. Very pretty photo, Laurel! I'll take an Almond Joy cappuccino, please. :o)

  8. Love this. If you decide to discard that French vase, let me know. I'm crushing on that.

  9. I love your forsythia branches! - their cheery yellow is the first sign of spring around here - and I'm still waiting... I have been enjoying watching all the projects going on in your home. I don't know where you get all the energy and creativity - but I'm happy for it as I've been happily pinning away - someday when I have the energy, I'll just borrow your creativity ;-)

  10. It certainly is amazing! I am a sunshine girl and will take any little bit I can. LOl! Your new floors will be worth the disorganization. Love the vase with the touch of Spring! Happy Easter Laurel!


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