Mar 19, 2015

DIY Tea Caddy

Happy first day of spring, everyone!

As our new floor project progresses I've been staying tucked out of the way back in my studio working on a few small DIY projects. The first one I have to share is my new tea caddy.

I recently gave up drinking coffee and started drinking a cup of green tea every morning instead. I absolutely love coffee, so it wasn't an easy switch, but tea is much friendlier to my tummy these days. My husband, affectionately known as "the toughest gut in the west," still drinks a few cups of coffee each day. To help keep me from feeling deprived I started treating myself to all kinds of different teas, and they have become a little bit of a hobby for me now.

Instead of rummaging through boxes in the pantry for my teabags, I thought it would be nice to display them on the counter where they'd be easy to choose from. I had this little wood box I found at the thrift store for a few dollars a couple years ago...

Bonne Maman
...and I'd been saving up these cute preserve jars that happened to fit the little shelves perfectly. (These preserves are wonderful, by the way.) When I discovered my tea bags fit the jars perfectly too, I knew I had my tea caddy!

I painted the box white and protected it with a coat of poly and then filled the jars up with my teas. Now, I can easily see the tea bag labels through the jars, and it's fun to look them over and choose a tea to match my mood.

A spoonful of honey in my tea is an occasional special treat, and the jar fits just right on top of the box. And did you notice the jar lids match my farmhouse curtains? 

My husband is so sweet, he rinses out the coffee pot every morning when he's done with his coffee and leaves me a fresh pot of filtered hot water for my tea. 

The cups and mugs are in this cabinet right above the coffee pot. Having a cute tea "center" at my fingertips is definitely making it easier for me to give up coffee. 

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope your first day of spring is filled with sunshine!

Let's go to a party!


  1. Very cute! And yes, I did notice the matching to the curtains. Great asset to your kitchen.

  2. That is really cute and it ties in beautifully with your curtains, Laurel. I am proud of you .... you are a brave girl giving up coffee!!!! xo Diana

  3. I drink coffee in the morning, but I drink tea usually in the afternoon and after dinner. I love those jars, too and have chia seeds on one for my smoothies.

  4. So pretty! I love this idea. Love those jars...

  5. That is so cute. I have to have my coffee in the morning, but I do drink green tea in the afternoon.

  6. I hope you have a Happy Vernal Equinox, too! Especially with the wonderful weather we are forecast to have tomorrow!!!

    And on Wed., I leave for the CA coast ~ I told DH that the only thing that could make that better was if we still had our usual snow on the ground!


  7. Doesn't it just make your day when things come together like that. It's perfect. Functional and pretty too.

  8. Your little tea caddy is adorable, Laurel! I love the repurposed jars whit their cute checkered lids! Kudos to you for giving up coffee! I've tried several times, but I haven't been able to kick the coffee habit yet.

  9. Very cute tea station Laurel! No sunshine here's snowing!!

  10. So practical and so decorative too Laurel! I keep my tea in a glass-topped box I got from Kirkland years ago. Love your way more though!

  11. Laurel, I want to copy your look exactly! I love those preserve jars and I believe we have that brand at our local grocery store. Time to start collecting... My Mom had miniature jars with covers like that when I was growing up and it brings back a lot of good memories! I love tea so much (although I have not given up on de-caf coffee yet). Green tea is one of my favorites. I love loose leaf tea as well. I have a coffee and tea area on my kitchen counters too. Such kindred spirits! ~ Jamie

  12. This is such an attractive and practical way to store your teas. I, too, had to give up my coffee last year because of stomach issues. I adopted tea and never looked back, even though I had been a lifelong coffee drinker. I have found so many wonderful teas!

  13. Girl standing water heated in a coffee pot is not drinking tea property! Yuck, your getting sediment and caffeine residue. NO! You must stop that, your tea must be made from boiling water only! From pure water otherwise your just drinking chemicals from the filer area of the coffee pot. Gross! Get yourself a electric kettle. its the best way to have real tea, from boiling water. Cute caddy! Kudos on switching to tea, its so much healthier. I never touch coffee, to hard on the system.

  14. That's one of the cutest ideas I've seen in awhile. I have those jars saved up too :)

  15. Laurel... that is so stinkin' cute! I love your little tea caddy, and those preserve jars are perfect! Nice match up!

    catching you!

  16. That looks great Laurel! Thanks for joining HSH!

  17. Very sweet. Love those jars and the fact that the lids match your curtains.

  18. Super cute Laurel! I've been in the market for some red buffalo check curtains. The little jars match them so well!

  19. This is so cute! I love those jars and recognized them right away as that is my favorite jam! The jars are so cute and I love the little shelf. Perfect display!


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