May 11, 2012

Friday Finds

Every once in a while I wonder if I should save some of my Friday Finds for future weeks, in case the wonderful projects out there in blog land dry up all of a sudden. Then I sit down to visit my favorite blogs and Pinterest, and I realize once again that the human imagination really is limitless. As long as there are people, there will be creative new ideas to share and inspire.  

Sarah from Life on Walnut Street used yardsticks, iron-on wood veneer, and paint to turn her $10 "busted up" oak drum table into this beauty. Hard to believe she can part with it, but it will be for sale tomorrow at Antiques in the Alley in Millersburg, Ohio.  If I wasn't in Idaho, I'd go snap it up!   

Life on Walnut Street

I did a double take when I saw this stepladder because it looks so much like the one I have out in my shed, paint spatters and all. Mine will soon be out in the yard as a perch for a birdbath thanks to Kelly's idea at Eclectically Vintage. Visit Kelly's blog to see the charming details of this pretty garden vignette.  

Eclectically Vintage

Mandy from This Girl's Life created this beautiful and interesting wall art from a more expensive Urban Outfitter's inspiration. This artwork looks complicated, but Mandy's tutorial shows it's easier than it looks.   

This Girl's Life

This sweet little blue chair is made sweeter with a pink on pink houndstooth seat cover and a pink stenciled letter on the scrolled back. Add a small flowered pillow and a pink scarf knotted over the back, and you have a lovely styled chair. Better Homes and Gardens has more "style tips for bargain decor."   
Better Homes and Gardens

"Let's make things together," says Jaime on her brand new blog Raising up Rubies. Her second post, titled A Cute Place to Make Stuff, is full of picture after picture of one of the prettiest and most functional craft rooms I've seen. For details, ideas and inspiration, it's a must see.  

Raising up Rubies

      Colorful coasters made from terracotta saucers by Heather at Sunshine and Some Tea will be perfect for my front porch table. 
 Sunshine and Some Tea

I purchased an old window frame at a yard sale last weekend and have been looking for ideas. I love this one I found at Meadowbrook Farm where Teresa explains in four parts how it came to be. 

Meadowbrook Farm
It's not too  late to make this quick and easy wood photo cube for a Mother's Day gift. Emma's easy instructions are found at Love Your Pics.

Love Your Pics

 These easy little spinach and cheese-filled wonton appetizers, created by Jinkzz's Kitchen, can be made ahead, frozen, and deep fried right out of the freezer just before serving.   

I hope you've enjoyed another creative week.
Happy Friday!


  1. Thank you for featuring my photo cube! And lots more inspiration on your fab site.

  2. Happy to see my little ladder bird bath among such great company!

  3. Loved the table with the yardsticks and also the cute little coasters too! But now after seeing those yummy wonton appetizers I am heading to the kitchen for a snack! Have a great weekend Laurel!

  4. Laurel, I love the table, the craft room, and the window. There really are so many beautiful things out there! I could never be that talented, but it's sure fun to view it in other people. ~ Jamie

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my Urban Outfitters wall art! :)


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