Aug 19, 2013

Anniversary Trip

I have some photos to share today from my 35th wedding anniversary trip last weekend to the mountains. My husband and I loaded the dog into the car and drove up to McCall, Idaho, a small town on the edge of Payette Lake. It's about a two and half hour drive from Boise along the gorgeous Payette River, which is world renowned for whitewater rafting. 

Tucker was super excited to be getting out of town for the weekend. 

 The first view of the lake is right down the middle of the quaint main street of McCall. Those are the ski hills of Brundage Mountain on the other side of the lake. 

 This statue of playful bears is at the end of the street in the city park.  They epitomize the laid back fun mountain lifestyle here.

 After greeting the bears, we headed right for Ponderosa State Park and found a perfect spot for our picnic beside the water. You can see in this picture that it was just a little bit smoky up in the surrounding mountains. Summer forest fires are a fact of life in Idaho, but McCall's had a very good year so far.

You can't have water around without Tucker wanting to retrieve.

 He can do this for hours.  Just look at that smile! He's always a great source of entertainment. 

Google Public Photo

It was too hot to leave Tucker in the car while having dinner at a restaurant, so before heading to our hotel we stopped at My Father's Place for burgers and fries.

 When you come to McCall, you have to eat at My Father's Place, and don't forget to order a milkshake.

The next day we went hiking. I love this picture of the boys beneath the tall Ponderosa Pine Trees.

 It was so wonderful to escape the Boise heat for the lush cool green forest. 

And hopefully we walked off some of those hamburger calories.

Oops, looks like we didn't! Nice shot, Hon! 

Oh well. After hiking, we found another perfect spot next to the water and spent the afternoon watching the water skiers and sailboats, picnicing, and tossing the ball for Tuck. 

And snoozing. 

It was a great weekend, and a wonderful anniversary to remember. 

Thanks so much for sharing it with us! 


  1. Looks like you had a great anniversary weekend! Now I want to go to McCall...:) How old is Tucker? He looks a lot like my Grady with that gray on his chin, but we aren't sure how old he is since we rescued him. He is adorable and definitely loved!


  2. Hmmmmm ~ might just be a road trip in my near future! I especially want to hit up a cool 'junk' store I've been told about in Cascade ~ it is supposed to be awesome!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a fabulous weekend & Tucker is adorable ♥

  4. Oh this was just lovely! Happy Anniversary too! And by the way I grew up on a lovely farm in Burton Idaho, so many moons ago. I miss it so much.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Warm Hugs,

  5. Wow-your anniversary getaway spot was is the doggie!!!

    Happy "A", and many more :o)

  6. What beautiful scenery and I enjoyed Tucker! :)

  7. wow, this is a wonderful post and photos.. i think Tucker was the luckiest during the trip :) happy anniversary and wish you a long life together.. i am writing from a very far place, Turkey, ─░stanbul.. but i really liked this place called McCall.. xoxo Ebru

  8. Oh it looks so beautiful and serene Laurel! What a wonderful trip! And Tucker looks like such a happy camper!

  9. Congrats to you both on 35 years Laurel! I was so excited to see your photos of McCall in your post today since I've actually stayed there on the lake. It really brought back some very fond memories for me. I love that picture of Tucker in the water with the tennis ball. He is so darn cute!

  10. What a beautiful place! Your Tucker is adorable! Happy anniversary!

  11. Looks like a fun time and your pictures are just gorgeous! We lived in Montana for many years and I still miss the mountains every single day! Idaho was just a jump over the border and we always enjoyed visiting. I've been cruising your blog this morning and you have a lot of fun projects and I'm happy to be following along via GFC. Looking forward to all the inspiration!

  12. Ohhhh - absolutely beautiful! This looks like such a wonderful anniversary trip! Your photos are stunning.


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