Aug 14, 2013

My Summer Potting Bench

Elizabeth & Co.
Each month this summer I've been inspired by The Garden Party over at Elizabeth & Co. to go outside and photograph something in my yard to share.  

This month I've chosen my potting bench.

 My raised vegetable beds (just visible in the bottom corner of this picture) are on one side of our yard, and the garden shed is around the corner on the other side. I asked my husband to build me a potting bench for the veggie side where I could store my garden tools closer at hand during the summer.

 He modeled it after ones I found on Pinterest made out of pallet wood and added some old fence pickets, a couple of 2 x 4's from the lumber store, and some chicken wire we already had.  It's been really handy (and fun to decorate, too.)

 On one side I put my old faux-painted milk can and my cute rustic flowerpot man that I made following Debbie's tutorial over at Confessions of a Plate Addict.

 On the other side my bulb planter hangs on some cast iron frog hooks.

These tin containers are stacked below waiting to hold succulents. I'll get around to drilling holes in the funnels for hanging up one of these days.

 Up on top are a few chrysanthemums waiting to go into my big front porch pots for fall, along with a birdhouse and some bunting.

 I bought the bright blue birdhouse at the craft store last summer for 75% off.

 The bunting is made from vintage seed packet art I found online and printed onto card stock. I glued them onto rectangles of fringed burlap using spray adhesive, punched holes, and strung them onto some twine. I love seed packet art and seed catalog covers.

  I use the middle work surface for potting flowers.

 I can't believe it's almost time to plant my fall flowers! Where did the summer go?

 I found these pretty clay pots at thrift stores for less than a dollar each. I can't decide whether to gesso them.

 My favorite garden tools are hanging from a rusty old rake head, easy to find.

 The bottom shelf is for storage.

 I keep garden stakes in a galvanized bucket that held a hydrangea on my front porch last year. (My French label tutorial can be found here.) 

 And new perennials waiting to go in the ground. 

 I fell in love with this delicate lacy one.

 Next year I'll be adding a small perennial cutting garden to part of my vegetable beds.

 Tucker had to wait on the other side of the garden gate today while I took photos of the potting bench. He wanted to be in every picture.

He doesn't like to be away from my side for even a moment, but he's been waiting here and patiently watching me.

I hope you'll join Tucker and me over at Sharon's for the Elizabeth & Co. August Garden Party now. I'm so honored my new yard was  featured from last month's party. While you're over there, be sure to check out Sharon's incredible garden, gorgeous painted furniture, and the wonderful Be Inspired link party and features, too. Seriously, this girl does it all

Elizabeth & Co.

See you there!

This week I'm also having a ton of fun at these fabulous parties:


  1. Okay seriously that is the best potting bench I have seen. I love all the little details and the bunting banner is too cute.

  2. this little area and bench are super sweet and make gardening just a little more fun than it already is. super.

  3. Wow Laurel, how sweet of your husband to build you such a fabulous potting bench! It's totally functional, but super cute! A bunting with seed packets - I just might have to steal that idea! ... Each and every photo is gorgeous! I'm impressed by your potting bench and your photography skills! ... Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Wonderful bench!! Wouldn't he just love to make one for me?!?! :)

    LOVE the banner, too ~ it is the perfect touch!

    I'll be so glad when we go back to air we can't see...

  5. Laurel,
    Well Happy Anniversary! You are still a doll, you and your hubby are a precious couple. Your potting bench is positively perfect and fab! Love all of the details too-
    Happy following your lovely blog:)
    Warm and Sweet Hugs,

  6. Wow. That is an amazing planting station! You are one lucky gardener! Happy anniversary, my sister just celebrated her 35th...the bridesmaids wore hats just like yours-perfect garden wedding attire!

  7. I created a little place for me to pot flowers and now I embarrassed that I posted it. You and one other blogger have amazing potting benches you debuted this week.

    It is B E A U T I F U L !

    I actually got some ideas for my little bench from your gorgeous bench.

  8. Beautiful and functional - it's fantastic. Now I'm feeling a little inadequate - I never would have thought to make it so pretty! Tucker is adorable - you know he just wants to help!

  9. Cute bench and I love the way you've styled it. Oh and let the poor doggie in... ;)

  10. Laurel so glad to see you at THT this week! I have missed you. Thanx for sharing your potting bench with us today!:)

  11. Laurel, Love that potting bench! I would have a hard time leaving that spot. The vintage seed bunting is terrific! Love, Jamie

  12. Laurel,
    Your potting bench is amazing. I love this. I want that little cherub girls on the pots. What will it take to get that away from you?!!!!! I love that little pot. I have never seen one like that. Adorable.

  13. Laurel,
    I love your bench and the seed packets hanging on there makes it even more charming. All the galvanized containers you have are just great. I also love that little pot man you made, too cute.


  14. Such a great potting bench. I can tell you planned carefully to get the results you wanted. I really like the bunting made from vintage seed packet art.


  15. laurel, I am so glad that I found you. I love your blog as I am a gardener also. What a great potting bench your husband made and everything looks so great on it.
    I am your newest follower - stop by and see my garden.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Love your potting bench Laurel! :) I wish I had a place to put one. My back yard is a wasteland. Since it's just me, nobody ever goes back there. I need to win a backyard makeover from some show!


  17. I Love your bench! I made one this summer after the May 20th Tornado hit. I live in Moore, OK and making that bench was really therapy for me. I hope you check it out. I am going to spend some time checking out your blog...... I love what I have seen so far. :)

  18. Your potting bench is perfect for your needs, and makes it so handy to have everything right where you need it. I love your bench, you and your husband did a great job building it. And you have it staged so pretty!
    Debbie :)

  19. Your potting bench is beyond adorable! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  20. I love the whole area. Adorable and a great place to work.

  21. Looks great! LOVE the seed packet bunting :)

  22. I wouldn't want to leave. I love the flowerpot man and your tin containers. But I think Tucker's the cutest! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  23. Sooooo very pretty - what a lovely creative yet calm space - well done girlie!!

  24. Ok Girl you have it going on! Who would not love to have all that! Great Job, love the potting bench and all your creative work. Enjoy! Newest follow, hope to see you visit.

  25. What a beautiful, beautiful potting bench! You decorated it perfectly. Love the bunting!

  26. I love your potting bench. Perfection. Happy to have found you through Tweak it Tuesday. xo Laura

  27. Your potting bench is a real dream!! You have the perfect tin potting buckets too. I adore the bunting and potting flowers there would be so creative. I had an old milk can today on display too.

  28. What a perfectly lovely and practical potting bench. I love how you've decorated it with the seed packet banner. Tucker looks so sweet and patient. He reminds me of my Lacy. She is my shadow when I'm home. Thanks for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  29. I featured your pretty potting bench today at Mod Vintage Life.

  30. Laurel, I love, love, love your potting bench. The whole area is perfect. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday this week.

  31. Fantastic! I am featuring today at HSH!

  32. What a gorgeous potting bench - gorgeous- but the whole area is just beautiful
    Love your little clay pot man too!!!
    Visiting from The Charm of Home - congratulations on your feature - so happy
    it was or I would have missed this!
    Excuse me - need to pin as many of these images as I can lol

  33. Lovely! I really like your potting bench a lot!
    And your photos are wonderful.
    Besos from Argentina,

  34. Wow my friend...this is absolutely wonderful! Simply gorgeous...may your plants grow grow grow!!! hugs...

  35. It's all so pretty! Love your terra cotta pot man!! And the garland is so cute too!! Aw your dog is adorable over there waiting!! :) Happy Friday! xo Holly

  36. Love it. I just found your blog via Nita's Mod Vintage Life blog. I'm a new follower ;-)
    Michelle /

  37. You're entire home/blog could be a book I'd never put down, Laurel. So inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  38. I adore your little potting bench. It's just the perfect depth for a small walkway. I love the bunting also. I'm definitely pinning this!


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