Mar 26, 2012

Garden Stakes

I was finally able to get some seeds planted in the new vegetable garden yesterday. According to my planting chart, it's only warm enough here in Idaho for spinach, radishes, and green onions so far (at least of what I plan to plant.) It's been awhile since I had a garden, and I almost forgot to mark my rows. I remembered how hard it is to tell weeds from seedlings when it comes time to thin the rows, if you don't mark them.

So, as I scrambled around just before dark trying to find something to use as markers, I remembered I had some Popsicle sticks. I scribbled the seed type and date on them with a sharpie pen (don't ask me why the date) and stuck them in the dirt. 

When I went out this morning to see if I needed to water the garden, I thought those row markers looked pretty pathetic. 

 Now don't laugh. I went upstairs and made some new ones...

...with decoupage.

I covered the whole stick with decoupage medium, stuck a clip art image of each vegetable on the tip and covered that with decoupage medium too.

I'm hoping they will be waterproof and hold up in the wet soil, so maybe I can reuse them next year. (Ever the optimist.)

 C'mon, they're kinda cute, right?

I made a whole bunch of them so I can plant more of each of these vegetables every two weeks until it gets too hot (spinach, radishes, and green onions are considered to be cool season crops here in Idaho). That way this harvest will be spread out over a few weeks instead of ready to pick all at one time. 

I'll make some more garden markers for the other veggies I'll be planting when it warms up. 

Happy Planting!

{Someone asked me in a comment how I keep my inkjet prints from running when decoupaging. My black ink doesn't bleed for some reason, but the color on these did smear if I over-brushed the decoupage medium. Just had to be quick.}  

Note: These garden markers are working out pretty well so far. The only problem is that the rascally squirrels take them out of the ground, play with them, and don't put them back where they were! Little rascals!

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  1. They are totally cute! And they seem like they are quick enough to make before my kids get bored! They will love putting them in the garden! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Tudom mire használom a jégkrémes pálcikákat. Köszönöm az ötletet.
    Maradok szeretettel :o))


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