Mar 29, 2012

I Went Shopping

I misplace days... all the time. 

I have no idea what happened to Wednesday, but I know I had it here just a minute ago. 

Anyway, I went shopping today, Thursday, and I'd love to share with you what I bought. I've been thinking about these purchases for quite awhile (I don't spend money lightly), and I'm super excited to finally have them.

My first purchase is the Creating Your Masterpiece Ebook by Shaunna West of the Perfectly Imperfect blog.  I just might be the last person in blogdom to buy this e-book about refinishing furniture. It was on sale for $10, and after an easy download it's sitting on my laptop, just like a real book sits on a real desk top. I can open it and look through it whenever I want. But this book is even better than a regular book because it has video instruction!

Perfectly Imperfect

My second purchase is the Photography 101 Class by Shoot Fly Shoot. (You can read my previous post about Shoot fly Shoot and the class here.) After registering and paying the $69 fee, I have access to the course online whenever I feel like studying. The class is a series of videos designed to get a beginner digital SLR photographer off automatic settings and into the exciting (if intimidating) world of manual settings. 

Shoot Fly Shoot
I know a little bit about both these topics (refinishing furniture and photography), but I want to know a whole lot more. I'm frustrated with wasting time learning from my own mistakes. So I started slogging through the tons of written material available online, reading my new camera manual (oh, ugh!), and finally decided it was worth the investment to purchase really good educational materials that fit my learning style, which is visual and hands-on. 

Now I can set up my laptop near my work space, watch the video tutorials, and "do it" as I learn.

But since I lost yesterday, I have to wait until tomorrow to start. 


  1. Whenever I get my big girl camera....I'm heading straight for the shoot fly shoot classes. I'm sure your learn loads from Kevin.

  2. Oh I hate it when I lose a day ... because, let's face it, you'll never find it again!

    Sounds like you've made some sound investments. Looking forward to seeing and reading all your blog posts sharing and showing all the pearls of wisdom you've culled from those investments ...




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