Mar 6, 2012

Photography Class

I'm thinking about signing up for Kevin Palmer's online photography 101 workshop at I watched the video about it recently on Kevin's blog, The Lettered Cottage  (which, incidentally, is one of my all-time favorite blogs).

I've never taken an online course before, but Kevin and his partner, Josh Moates, make it sound like a lot of fun. Okay, I admit they're really cute, and who doesn't want to take a class from two really cute men? But also, the workshop is taught using online videos, and as a visual learner I like the idea that I can watch that video over and over again until I grasp whatever concept is being taught. Especially all those adjustments of camera buttons and knobs. Reading about how to do all those complicated adjustments just wouldn't cut it for me, I need to SEE it!

I could just picture me (no pun inttended) in a real classroom raising my hand the gazillionth time asking the teacher, "Uh, could you show us that one more time?" while the rest of the class groans out loud. No thanks! But Kevin and Josh won't even know I've had to replay their video a gazillion times (until the ol' light bulb goes off in the ol' noggin.) 

Plus, I happen to think Kevin Palmer's photography is amazing on The Lettered Cottage. Definitely something I could (humbly) aspire to. 


I'm really excited about taking this course, actually. There's only one little problem... 

I need to buy a camera with all those buttons and knobs first! : )

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